Del Valle High School

Summer School 2012

(High School, Opportunity Center, ACC, XLR8 8th Grade - 11th Grade)

2012 Summer School Program Descriptions and Course Offerings PDF Icon


General Information:


To register for summer school

  1. Check in at the front office and ask to see your student’s grade-level counselor
  2. Register for classes with the counselor
  3. Take the registration paperwork to the registrar to pay for summer school* 

Registration Session I:

April 30th – May 29th, 8:00 AM–4:00 PM

Session I is $25.00 per credit if payment is received by May 24th.


Registration Session II:

May 30th – June 18th, 8:00 AM–4:00 PM

Session II is $25.00 per credit if payment is received by June 14th.





Kenneth Parker (


Assistant Principals:
T.J. Moreno (
Letty Vasquez-Jones (


High School Summer School 2012 Pricing:



Credit Recovery Course (1/2 Credit, part A or B)

Session I is ½ Price if Full Payment is Received by May 24th

 Session II is ½ Price if Full Payment is Received by June 14th





ACC Early College Start

XLR8 Courses: Health, PE, Speech, Art I, BIM

Fee based

Free Tuition, Must Pay for Textbooks

$10.00 per ½ credit - $20.00 for Art I, BIM


Partial Payments will not be accepted. Cash or money order only will be accepted for credit recovery courses.

No refunds will be given.  Extenuating circumstances must be disclosed to Mr. Parker by June 28th


*breakfast and lunch will be served



Session I Dates: Wednesday, May 30th through Thursday, June 14th

Session II Dates: Monday, June 18th through Tuesday, July 3rd



AM Classes: 8:00 – 11:00

Lunch: 11:00 – 11:30

Afternoon Classes: 11:30 - 2:30



Transportation will be provided for 8:00 AM arrival and for 2:30 PM departure

Midday Transportation: 11:30 AM is NOT provided

Location: Del Valle High School

Bus Route Information:
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Austin Community College (ACC) Early College Start Program (ECS):

*Only current Juniors & Sophomores who are eligible for junior status by the end of the 2011-12 school year are eligible to enroll.  Students eligible to enroll must meet ACC college readiness standards.  

*Current sophomores (rising juniors) and juniors (rising seniors) who are interested in participating in the ECS program must seek guidance from their counselor as soon as possible in order to enroll for summer courses.

*Courses may be taken at any ACC campus and the DVHS campus. The times and dates for classes held on ACC campuses may vary from those held at DVHS Summer School.  

*District transportation may be utilized, but personal transportation may be required due to the differences in schedules.

*Please go to the ACC Course Schedule, located at to find more schedule information.

*Course offerings include Government, Human Development (psychology, career exploration/planning), Sociology and Speech.



*Current 8th – 11th grade students are eligible to enroll.

*Courses in this category meet graduation requirements and are offered to students who want to accelerate the rate at which credits for graduation are earned.

*Students who register for these courses are typically involved in many extracurricular activities and need summer school courses in order to meet all graduation requirements.

*Others may take these courses to make room in their schedule for another state- required course or an elective only offered during the regular school year.  

*The ½ credit course is taught from 8-2:30 during Session I or Session II.

*The FULL credit course is taught from 8-2:30 during Session I AND Session II. 

*XLR8 Cost is $10.00 per each ½ credit (Speech, Health, PE-2 maximum) - $20.00 for Full credit (Art I, BIM-1 maximum)

*Course offerings include Health, PE, Communication Applications (Speech), Art I, BIM




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