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The resources below will help you get started with using Technology at Del Valle ISD. Read through each section carefully and then complete the questionnaire at the bottom of the page.

Network Label

1. Personal Network Storage (Y Drive)
When your account was set up by the Technology Department, the location for your file storage was pre-set to the server on your campus. We call the location where your data can be stored your "Y" drive. The letter Y represents a location on the server where all users’ data is stored. The user's folder is only accessible by the user and is labeled with the same name as your login name. You will hear this terminology all the time.

The Y drive is backed up on a schedule of about every 7 days. The data is kept for quite some time, so retrieval of deleted data is possible. All of your important information should be kept on the Y drive for this reason. It's a good idea to set the default location for saving files in the programs you use to the Y drive. Presetting all documents to automaticallly save files to your Y drive is helpful. Refer to the directions below in order to set all MS applications (from your workstation) to your Y drive:

Y Drive Instructions for Office 2007 pdf icon

2. VPN Services
VPN Services are available for your use. You can use the VPN when you are off-campus and need to access departmental servers and/or services that require the DVISD IP address. You can also use the VPN when you need to comply with federal regulations regarding data confidentiality. To learn more about VPN Services, click on the link below:

DVISD VPN Services

Email Logo

1. Configuring your District Email Account
Del Valle ISD uses Microsoft Outlook for email. Upon completion of this orientation, your district email account will be set up. Personal, religious, political advertising, chain letters, business marketing e-mails, etc. are not acceptable. Once your email is set up, you will need to follow the directions below in order to log into your email. The first time you log in, you must be on a Del Valle ISD computer.

Email Setup Instructions for Office 2007 pdf icon

Note: All DVISD e-mail addresses are subject to disclosure under the Public Information Act and every district e-mail account (sent and/or received e-mails) could be requested by an individual or group and disclosed in a public forum such as the local newspaper. This can happen and has happened in other school districts.


2. Webmail Access (from home)
You can access your DVISD Web Access e-mail account from any Internet-connected computer by clicking the link below:

You can also access this link from the main Del Valle ISD website by clicking on District Services and DVISD Email. Log in using the same login you use to log in to the DVISD network (your username is yourfirstname.yourlastname and your password is your network password)

Note: Before you can access the web vesion of Outlook, you will need to login using your district login and password on the DVISD Network first. This will authenticate your account.


3. Microsoft Outlook Tutorials
Tutorials on Microsoft Outlook are available for you through Atomic Learning. Contact Kathy Edgar at

Telephone Logo

1. Telephone Voicemail & Operation
DVISD Technology prohibits any relocation or disconnecting of phones until the entire district upgrade is complete. Each phone has been assigned a room location and IP address. Disconnecting the IP phone will result terminate all network access.

Below is a document that will help you in using your phone and setting up your voicemail:

Cisco Phones Instructions pdf icon 

Important items to remember are:

  • When the system asks for the account number that means your extension number.
  • Until you change the password for the voice mail, the default password is “12345#”

Work Station Use & Security Logo

1. Technology Work Requests
If you are experiencing trouble with your hardware, you will need to complete a work order request. If your computer is completely powered off, you can enter a request from ANY workstation with internet access. Please be as detailed as possible.

Del Valle ISD uses Eduphoria! HelpDesk. You can access the HelpDesk from the drop-down menu via District Services on the navigation bar (under Technology Request). To log into your Eduphoria account, you will login with your username and password that you use to login to your workstation. You will then choose the HelpDesk icon. Please choose the category that best describes your need. Click on the link below to access a  quick guide on using Eduphoria's HelpDesk:

Eduphoria HelpDesk Quick Guide pdf icon

2. Work Station Security

Do you walk away from your desk or your office without locking your computer? It only takes a few seconds for someone to do serious damage to your computer or your files or to access information on the computer. It takes only a few seconds to secure your computer. Take the time to lock your computer when you leave your desk. Not sure how to do it? There are two methods to do this.

Due to the number and complexity of the technologies in schools today, the issue of security has become a much more salient topic. As schools begin to network computers and peripherals to each other; neighbor classrooms, wide area networks and the Internet, the administration and teachers are increasingly aware of the need for security within their systems. Click on the link below in order to learn how to lock your workstation and change your network password:

Work Station Security pdf icon

 Employee Personnel Resources & Responsible Ues Logo

1. Employee Resource Management Account (ERMA)
ERMA contains general personnel information, as well as payroll and time off information. In order to obtain your ERMA login information, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the ERMA website, located at You can also access this link from the main Del Valle ISD website by clicking on District Services and ERMA Services.
  • Click on the Forgot your Login/Password link.
  • Enter your email address and click Submit.
  • Check your district email account for an email which will contain your login ID and a link to create/reset a password.

ERMA information will not be given over the telephone or via email, and it will not be given to any person other than the employee.


2. KRONOS TimeKeeper
KRONOS is the district's time clock and is for hourly employees only. If you need login information, please contact Gloria Ruiz ( and/or Laura Montoya ( KRONOS information will not be given over the telephone or via email, and it will not be given to any person other than the employee.


3. Responsible Use Technology Agreement (RUTA)
It is very important that you read through the Employee Resposible Use Technology Agreement located in the District Employee Handbook. Your signature in the Employee Handbook acknowledges that you will comply by all guidelines outlined in the Employee Ruta.   The RUTA can be accessed at the link below:

Employee Responsible Use Technology Agreement

 Employee Handbook

1. Employee Handbook

In order to access the District Employee Handbook, click on the link below:

Employee Handbook

Each employee must turn in a signed copy of the Acknowledgement Form (located in the Handbook) to their immediate supervisor.

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After you have read the contents of this page, click on the New Employee Orientation Confirmation link below and fill in the required information. Make sure you Submit the form. In addition, advise your campus principal or supervisor that you have completed the orientation.  Once Technology receives your confirmation, you can begin to set up your email using the instructions located above.  Please allow for 12-24 hours in order for your email to be activated. Click Below

New Employee Orientation Confirmation