No Bad Weather Make-Up Day Required

Del Valle ISD students will not have to make up the missed school day from Friday, May 27, 2016, due to the law (HB 2610) that states that school districts must have specific minutes of instruction in the school year rather than specific days of instruction. Del Valle ISD has banked enough instructional minutes for the school year to not have to make up the day. ( Español )

As the principal, I want to ensure that each child at my school has access to and receives a quality education. I believe this can be achieved by providing a safe and nurturing environment conducive to learning. I envision my school as a place where all students can learn, where teachers can teach and be supported, and where everyone is committed to excellence. Students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators and community are the foundation of the school and must work together as a team for the good of all students.

-James Cruz