Welcome to Geometry!

Optional Summer Activities:

Beginning Geometry, go to http://www.purplemath.com/modules/index.htm

Review the Following Topics.

Preliminary Topics

Absolute Value


Negative Numbers

Number Properties

Number Types   

Converting between Decimals, Fractions, and Percents

Set Notation


Teacher Contact Info:

 Teacher Name Room # Extension E-mail Address
 Coach Hall B 208 7173 mhall@del-valle.k12.tx.us
 Ms. Moskowitz B 206 7172 alyssa.moskowitz@del-valle.k12.tx.us
 Mr. Newsum B 205 7171 ben.newsum@del-valle.k12.tx.us
 Mrs. Patten B 206 7172 raechel.patten@del-valle.k12.tx.us
 Coach Russell B 209 7174 matthew.russell@del-valle.k12.tx.us
 Ms. Umberger B 204 7170 amy.umberger@del-valle.k12.tx.us
 Ms. Willaman B 211 7176 katie.willaman@del-valle.k12.tx.us